Yet Another
Fallen Star

Yet Another Fallen Star is Emily’s story, along with her children, grandchildren, and their extended family. The story is set against a backdrop of rapid social changes, exposing the families’ strengths and weaknesses in some, but not in Emily. She was tiny, but her personality was strong. The family experienced serious and humorous consequences in the challenges they faced and the choices they chose to make.

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I'm Just the
Keyboard Guy

To live the dream—this was what Reg Matthews desired, no matter what it took. In the beginning, while growing up in Montana, his family assumed Reg would inherit the farm when he comes of age, but Reg had fallen in love with his piano. Music became his life.

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A Chronicle for Our Time

“A charming book about one family’s struggles and joys. It portraits the matriarch of the family, Emily, who as a young uneducated girl moves out west with her father in the late 1800s. As the different generations unfold, so does the language of this beautifully-written book. I laughed as her son describes seeing the first car in Colorado and later with his own escapades on a motorcycle. Each character has their own passion for life and sometimes insurmountable battles. Don’t miss this book.”

—Kristi Watson,

Compelling Family Story

“This story covers a number of states in America and tells the story of Emily born in 1874, her children, her grandchildren, and their extended family. American history is shown in an interesting way with fascinating social change over 135 years. I found myself laughing out loud. This is a drama, comedy and from an account which I found a pleasure to read.”


Highly-Recommended Fictional Memoir

“Delightful read, fun insight into the life of a musician on the road and life at home. Great, easy read. Highly recommended.

—Jim, Dana, Caleb

What an Inspiration!

“The inspirational book that says it all. JoAnn Hill paints a story that will touch your heart and fill your soul with warmth as we journey with Reg, the dreamer. It has rekindled my passion when it comes to making my own dreams come true.”

—Barbara Allen

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A well-educated, natural-born artist. These are the words that best describe JoAnn Hill. She is an experienced painter and sculptor, who also knows how to write a story interesting enough to evoke emotions in those reading her books. For the past six years, JoAnn has set aside her visual artistry to devote her time to literary works....Continue Reading

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