Yet Another Fallen Star

In 1874, little Emily Roberts makes her appearance to the world. As she grows up, she becomes the breadwinner and the foundation of her family. She is also an exceptional friend, that’s probably why everyone loves her. Her life may be lengthy, but she lives it wisely and meaningfully.

Yet Another Fallen Star tells the tale of Emily and her children, grandchildren, and their extended family. And when they are set against the backdrop of social change, we can see their strengths and weaknesses. We can see the serious and humorous consequences of the challenges they face and the choices they make.

“My book is a historical novel that spans 135 years. It’s the story of a family, how they react with each other, how they accept new members as they come along, if they do. The characters are as varied in personalities as the various terrain they cover.”—JoAnn Hill, Author 

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I’m Just the Keyboard Guy

To live the dream—that’s what Reg Matthews wants to do, no matter what it takes.

At first, while he was growing up in Montana, everyone thought that Reg is going to inherit the family ranch as he comes of age. But as he falls in love with his piano instead, his mom tried everything to encourage his passion for music.

As a young man, people expected him to be a concert pianist. But again, he surprises everyone by dropping out of school and joining a rock and roll band.

Now, as a working musician, Reg is traveling a topsy-turvy life filled with cheap hotels, heartbreaks, and general mayhem.

His talent and perseverance may open many doors of opportunities. But will his heart stand against the challenges of reality?

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